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  • Maintenance Products/ Air Filters 

Filters come as a nominal/ exact size.

You may have noticed as a homeowner that a lot of the manufacturer's now equip their units with proprietary filter sizes (which seem to be hard to locate).We all know we're able to purchase cheap filters ( these are front-end loading filters. Once the filter is 40% full of dirt it will pass through the filter into the coil. These filters were manufactured for pre-filters before an expensive filter so that you wouldn't have to change them as frequently. If you are going to be using these filters as a primary filter, we strongly recommend pleated filters with a MERV strength of 7-11 which will pull down to .03 microns, pulls out most allergens. We carry all of these odd-end sizes and are able to special order these for your convenience.

      If you have any questions or concerns trying to locate which dimensions fit your system, please call us.

  • UV Bulbs 

With the change in air flow associated with higher SEER ratings, many of these units use variable speed ​fans to reach the higher ratings. As the air flow changes, so does the density of the air, the amounts of moisture they control in many retrofit instances this higher static pressure turns into mildew and mold growth. With these systems we strongly recommend UV light systems or Guardian ozone/ UV light systems. We can install the proper size to combat these issues.  


Filter Size Needed 

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